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By: Mistress Dyvia

So I'm glad that you were able to make it out to this party tonight. It's been a while since I have been able to spend some fun with some friends. I know it's something I said when we first saw each other, but seriously, how have you been? ...I'm glad to hear that, I hope you're not just saying that because it's the expected answer.

Unfortunately... It's about time I leave, it's getting kind of late. Come here give me a hug, mmmm. Can't wait to see you again... Oh my God... is that? Can it really be... 'her?'

You see that girl over there, giving a blowjob to the guy in the black T-shirt? I am like 90% sure I know who she is.

I know I said it was getting late and time to go, but do you have a few minutes for a fun little story? ...good...

So about a year ago, I was at a party very much like this one. Everyone was dancing, having fun, sex in public, there were a lot of drinks, and people overall were just having a really good time.

I noticed this one guy, he was hitting on anything with a pair of tits. He was very buzzed, and at first I didn't really think anything of it, but as the night proceeded he started to tweak my nerves. I did not trust this guy at all.

Clearly, the guy had expected to be able to win any girl over with his looks. But there came a point in the night when he started to realize that none of the girls liked his attitude. He was not going to score. I think that's the point when he decided to shift his technique to something a little bit more illegal. I'm pretty sure he was going to try and use rohypnol to make sure that he scored that night.

I was trying to have fun with my friends... Sadly, I don't think you were there that night, but we were trying to have fun but I couldn't help but keep my eye on him. And then came the point when I saw exactly what I was expecting to see, he slipped something into a girl's drink.

You know me, I'm not exactly the kind of woman to let anyone just do that kind of thing and keep my mouth shut. So I excused myself from my friends, and I walked right over to him and the girl, who up to that point hadn't even tried to drink yet.

Coincidentally, and I do mean coincidentally... I had sujestol* in my pocketbook, and an idea popped into my head. I walked up to them, and when I said I 'walked' up to them... I mean that I marched up to him in front of her.

I told him in no uncertain words that I knew exactly what he had put into her drink. The girl's eyes went wide and she put the drink down, probably very thankful that she hadn't tasted it yet. you think of this day and age that no girl would actually take a drink that wasn't from the bartender or a friend but things happen. The guy tried to say he didn't put anything in the drink, so I challenged him to drink his drink.

There was a look of hesitation on his face, as he looked to the girl, then to me, back to the girl. That was enough for the girl who simply said 'thank you' to me and walked away to join her friends.

The guy looked at me as if I was the one who just caused the biggest inconvenience of his life. He said to me that all he wanted was a quick blow and that the drink wasn't even filled with anything. So I redubbled my effort and said go ahead drink it, in fact I even double-downed and said just drink half of it. He finally shrugged his shoulder and he literally drank half of it.

I smirked at him, and took the pill I had in my pocket, opened it up and poured it into the half emptied drink. He asked what I just put into his drink and I avoided the question. Instead I challenged him to a different game, I told him if he drank the rest of the drink, his drug plus mine, that I would guarantee him every blow he could ever want... forever if he didn't become incoherent within ten minutes.

It was a gamble, he knew it. But he also knew that men were rarely taken advantage of by women when they were in that very drunken stage that rohypnol gives the appearance of... he downed it in one gulp.

I shrugged my left shoulder when he drank it. I asked him if he brought a car, he said that he did. So I asked him to take me out there, and again, he did. His voice was already slurring by the time that we got to his car. I helped them into a passenger side seat of his car, and helped recline the seat so he was laying back.

I, on the other hand jumped into the driver's side, opened the glove box and found out where his address was. I drove his car back to his place. He kept slurring out things about his blow. I kept promising once we got back to his place I would take care of it. And I did.

The funny thing about rohypnol and Sujestol is that the two medications do not react well together. They actually leave the person in a very suggestive state, one that overrides people's most inherent judgments. Seriously, if I said that you need to dye your hair pink while under the effects of both of those drugs, you would never feel comfortable until you dyed your hair pink no matter how much you hated that color.

So the first thing I told him was a trigger. As soon as he heard my voice say the phrase, 'don't you just love those big slushy blowjobs?' all of the rest of my suggestions would be erased.

I know you're thinking, what other suggestions did I give him? Don't worry I'm going to tell you all about it.

The first thing I did was reinforce his feelings about blowjobs. I told him about how much he enjoyed them. How much they were the most amazing thing that a woman could give to a man . How much he has enjoyed watching videos of women giving blowjobs. How he loves seeing a woman's big fat lips wrapped around a huge throbbing cock. How a woman's lips could demand anything from a man's cock. How he loved seeing those red lips wrapped tightly around a cock, leaving a red imprint around his shaft. How he wished he could experience every single one of those videos he watched. How he even dreamed about each of their experiences. How he just so desperately wished he had the lips that those sluts had. How he just lusted and fantasized about every one of those videos he watched, and how he wished he was the woman, every single one of them...

I told him how that was his new obsession, to be a sissy cocksucker. How he desperately needed to be the women in those videos he loved so much. He needed to be a sissy slutty cocksucker. He needed to give those blowjobs, he needed it so desperately he would do anything for it. Anything. His life would now be dedicated to what he could do to make himself that slutty sissy cocksucking fuckdoll.

Then I told him about his new masturbation habits, he would edge himself to watching clip after clip on Reddit specifically, r/sissyperfection... and he would masturbate to videos of blowjobs with the hottest bimbos that he would want to be. That he needed to be. And every night before he went to bed he would listen to no less than three hypno videos that were at least 20 minutes long from r/sissyhypno. I also 'suggested' that those videos actually would hypnotize him, he wouldn't have the mental capacity to prevent himself from being hypnotized, and that he would find himself obeying every single suggestion that they put in his head.

Of course at that point I completely got out of his car, called for a ride, walked down to the nearest convenience store, and waited for the car to pick me up. I went home, and I suppose if I was cooler I could say I never gave it another thought again. But, I often fantasized about the way things went for him. Finding himself jacking off all the time to pictures of girls that wanted to suck cock like it was a lifeline, while dreaming that it was him every single time that was able to be such a hot little fuck. The confusion of not understanding his new kinks...

I imagine what it would be when one of those videos would tell him that he needed to be in chastity. how he'd be using a dildo to force himself to cum it would be a ruined orgasm and he would just be all the hotter for it. How he would without a doubt start injecting himself with hormones and taking pills and doing everything he could to feminize his body. I wondered if he would go to the extent of growing out his hair, I wondered about the surgical procedure he would put himself through would he give himself huge fucking tits so he could warm up the boys with his tits... her tits? Would she plump up her lips so that every guy who saw her would just see a pair of cock pillows? What kind of men would she like? Would she care as long as they had a big cock with a good length and a thick girth... that would run itself down her throat? Did she need to have a big black cock in her mouth, or would any color do? Would one cock actually satisfy her in a night? Or even one cock in a single play date?

Sadly, I hadn't seen her in a year. I wondered if she found a way around it, or she truly did embrace it. And it wasn't until just a few minutes ago, when I saw that girl over there sucking that guy off. That I knew she fully feminized herself. I can barely believe I recognize her, if not for the tattoo on her shoulder... Clearly that girl is a bitch in heat now.

You know what? I think this just might be the perfect moment... to see if the first trigger still works, what do ya think...? ...Come on, we got to wait for that guy to put on the 'ready to cum' face. You know that face it's on there... there well... face, when they're about to come. Let's just wait for it.

Damn, she is good, she must have given like a thousand blowjobs at this point. I think I'm going to do all the men of all the bars a disservice by doing what I'm about to do. Yes, I might actually be ruining the world for a lot of men.

Okay when I say 'now,' we're going to walk right past her, and sit on that couch in the far side of the room. All right get ready... And now! Yep that's right stay right by my side, and I'm going to slow down right as we walk by her in three... Two...

'Don't you just love those big slushy blowjobs?'

Go faster!

Oh my God. **Giggles** Did you see the luck on her face? The guy just straight up cummed right on her face right as all the suggestions went away. There was nothing left of that slutty woman in there as stream after stream of cum is hitting her face and she was just in shock.

She totally just crawled off the guy, looked down at herself, and realized that nothing was right. She's probably processing the memories of everything she did to herself over the last year and she just ran out of this room. I'm actually surprised she was still able to run in those heels given that we erased all of her training... I wonder if that was actual training or muscle memory at this point.

Oh man, I can't believe I have to go home and get some sleep after that. I wonder what she's going to do? Do you think she'll just carry on as a woman from now on? I think she'll try to be a guy again? I mean fuck I still have her address, maybe, if she hasn't moved... think I should offer to give her the chance to become the slutty woman she was again? I mean I did promise her that she would get all the blow she wanted.

**Sigh** Regardless it's late, I need to go home and so do you. We can talk more about this tomorrow. Love you sweetie! Give me a hug! Mmmmmmm. Buh-bye for now.

The End.

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